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Candy Rain is a hybrid of neither candy nor rain. It was London Poundcake and Gelato that made this strain, hot out of the labs at Cookie Fam Genetics. The result is dough-flavored, sweet and peppery, with tones of gas and earth. The flavor profile is complex, the sense-stimulation is above average, and the stress of your ho-hum week is a thing of the past.

The strain rains candy on your palette as soon as you light it up. The fruit and sour citrus flavors mix with tones of earth and diesel fuel for a unique little Indica-built powerhouse (70/30). The terpenes come out with a smidge of limonene and myrcene, bringing in the citrus and balsam flavors, but caryophyllene is the big one. That’s where Candy Rain gets its spiciness, with hints of earth, musk, pepper, and clove. It’s instrumental in giving some cannabis strains their kick, as well as adding anti-inflammation to its list of benefits (more on that in a bit).

Candy Rain 14G

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